First Responders


First Responders

Every second matters when you are on the front line. First responders face unique risks of being the first people to aid those with unknown contagions thus putting their lives at high risk. Audax’s dependable, rugged, and weather-resistant cameras offer mission-critical connectivity for emergency personnel and public safety teams worldwide.


Large and easy tap button for video recording and livestreaming, easy tap button for SOS on emergency situations to alarm the control room officers. Internal GPS – No tethering. Live asset tracking that shows the positioning information, such as longitude and latitude, number of satellites and status. Infrared Lights(Auto and Manual) for night-time recording up to 10m in pitch black ideal for Internal and external dark environment. EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), Anti Shake Technology to capture and record still and clear images while the officer is at move. QR code automated officer to camera assignment on the docking station which removes the labor-intensive pre-shift camera set up and after-shift camera evidence download and accountability


Live video streaming by WIFI and 4G network to preview real-time events and actions of the emergency personnel. Important images, video and audio recordings that can be used as critical evidence can be tagged with: “normal”, “traffic”, “DWI”, “Confidential”, “Criminal” and “Others” for file sorting inside the Digital Evidence Management System. In cases of devices has been stolen or lost,  BioAX is providing the ability to remotely ‘Stun’ a lost camera device – The camera can be sent a command by the control room CMS software that can “wipe” the firmware and memory. Thus, making it the most secure product to date and ensuring data security if the device is mislaid.

Worldwide leaders and Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video (BWV) technology.

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Audax work in partnership with the Police, Emergency Services and the Security Industry to provide BWV solutions that meet “evidence secure” technology requirements.


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