Software Solutions

Software Solutions that allows for complete situational awareness of all body worn cameras, movements of user and assets, and activity.

CMS - Camera Management System

The Audax CMS (Camera Management System) is your window to all that your Users are dealing with and is designed for both the Bio-AX and 20 -1 camera systems. The system is simple to use, being web-based and fully secure with full Access Rights Managements.

The CMS is a graphical Software Monitoring program, that allows for complete situational awareness of all camera/user movements and actions. Ideal for control rooms it provides dynamic management of ongoing live situations and also has User SOS Panic Alerts. You can analyse past camera actions, locations and more, allowing for a 360 degree audit trail of your digital evidence gathering for retrospective search. For data security, you can assign different permissions to different users.

• Capable of processing large amounts of data , and live video streaming
• Accepts virtually all IP Based cameras Vehicle, Mobile, Fixed, Traffic etc
• Cloud or Locally Hosted Server for centralised storage and control
• Role based access control and user authentication for security
• Live or Historic bread crumb trails of camera location based activities
• Ability to converse with Users, via PTT or send Text messages (certain models only)
• Harness the power of Google Maps, via automated Geo Fence Alerting
• Manage lost or stolen devices, by issuing a Stun/Wipe command ( BIOAX )
• BioAX camera is ONVIF Profile S compatible which will allow integration into other compatible platforms
• Remotely Command Camera Recording (BIOAX). This is a unique feature to our Camera.

DEMS - Digital Evidence Management System

The Audax DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) is provided with our Docking Station Solutions. The 19-1  Camera DEMS has a basic level of functionality and the 20-1 Camera and BIO-AX Camera solutions have a great deal more functionality. 

In addition to managing the Officer to Camera assignment via on-board NFC (20-1) / QR code (BioAX), the DEMS allows users to fully manage their recorded media.

DEMS is a powerful software that collects and stores digital evidence recorded on BWV.
You can analyse and tag evidence, assigning key words, case numbers for retrospective search etc. For role based functions , you can assign different
permissions to different users/groups. Organisations have full control over User Access Rights, Retention tables, and much more.

Capable of processing large amounts of data securely
Redundancy backup and load balancing mechanism for reliability
Cloud or Locally Hosted S erver for centralised storage and control
Automatic or timed data upload
Setup Data Retention policies per file type, or all data types
Role based access control and user authentication for security
In built AES Media Player for secure video viewing
Issue Secure One Time Share Link to other Authorised External Persons

Worldwide leaders and Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video (BWV) technology.

Audax at ICR360

Audax work in partnership with the Police, Emergency Services and the Security Industry to provide BWV solutions that meet “evidence secure” technology requirements.


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