Software Solutions that allows for complete situational awareness of all body worn cameras,
movements of users & assets, and activity.

Completed Cases

Proud project that make us stand out

Supply Chain Application

The application of the bodycam is the warehouse is a powerful tool to prevent the following issues.

Lone Worker Application

Lone workers are never alone with the Bio-Ax camera. The Audax Bio-Ax Cameras provides safety shadowing.

Coast Guard Application

Increase in border disputes, people smuggling, piracy requires new technology to gather evidence.

First Responders

Every second matter when you are on the front line. First responders face unique risks of being the first people to aid those with unknown contagions thus putting their lives at high risk.

Critical Infrastructure

Natural hazards, while still a danger to vital resources, pose risks to physical and technical infrastructure, as shown by the explosions, hurricanes, and other storms this year.

Mass Transit

Soft targets and busy places are especially appealing to terrorists and other radical actors due to their relative accessibility and the large range of potential targets.
Worldwide leaders and Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video (BWV) technology.

Audax at ICR360

Audax work in partnership with the Police, Emergency Services and the Security Industry to provide BWV solutions that meet “evidence secure” technology requirements.


BIO-AX all-in-one Camera
BIO-AX Mini Camera
20-1 Body Worn Camera
19-1 Chest Camera


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